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Discover Kyushu Japan

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Shochu Liquor in Meijigura Distillery in Kagoshima

At the Beer House that is the Pride of Meijigura, Satsuma Shuzō’s Kedogawa Distillery

Makurazaki City is home to Satsuma Shuzō, the distillery company that makes Satsuma Shiranami, a Kagoshima shōchū (Japanese distilled spirit) that is renowned in Japan. Daniel, a British actor and director and Paddy, a popular Irish entertainer take interest when they hear that the company has also developed its own beer in recent years, so they visit Meijigura at Kedogawa Distillery, located within the city. They learn about the history and the manufacturing process of shōchū, and afterwards, they meet up with the prominent chefs, Anand Gaggan and Goh Fukuyama, with whom they had parted at the katsuo-bushi factory. Together, the four men deepen their bond over Satsuma Shuzō’s craft beer served at the beer house on the premises of the distillery.

The old-world ambience of the late Meiji Era (early 20th century) permeates this facility, where the time-honored method of shōchū-making can be seen

The visitors listen to the explanations on the history and shōchū-making process.

Watching the earthenware pot from which shōchū aromas waft up

The numerous shōchū traditions found throughout Kyushu is as varied as each unique region’s culinary culture, with which they coexist. Visitors can savor this art of distillation as well as the ambience of by-gone days, reminiscent of Meiji era Japan (latter half of the 19th century to early 20th century). Daniel and Paddy appear to be deeply impressed with the firm roots and value as a source of comfort that shōchū has among the people of the region, and wishing to know more about this shōchū culture and the local beer, they head to Kedogawa Beer House in the distillery grounds.

Joining the world-class chefs once again at the beer house

Everyone hits off very well with one another over delicious beer

With sweet potato beers in hand: Satsuma GOLD, Satsuma RED, and Satsuma BLACK

Beer is also a significant part of the UK’s culinary culture. It is the most typical alcoholic drink sold in their pubs, a national beverage, and Japan perceived just how indispensable it is to sports during the Rugby World Cup it hosted. So what kind of brew emerged through its fusion with the food and gastronomy of Kyushu? Daniel and Paddy’s curiosity and excitement are felt as they grin at their first sip of the beer made from sweet potatoes. The two chefs, following the tour of the katsuo-bushi factory, also appear to find inspiration for more dishes made from Kyushu produce as they, too, experience this local craft beer. What blend will they come up with, between their knowledge of the world and the food culture of Kyushu? This theme will be further explored in “Kyushu Ingredients and World-renown Chefs Co-star in Shimadu Shigetomisoh.”