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Introduction of RKB

RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corp. is a sub key station of the TBS network of 6 nationwide TV networks in Japan. It is the only listed company among all commercial broadcasting stations in the western area of Japan, including Kyushu. It has had a good reputation for covering internal and external news for many years. The headquarters are located in Momochihama, which is the symbolical place in Fukuoka City aiming to extend lots of useful information to Asia.
RKB was established in 1951 as the fourth oldest commercial broadcasting company in Japan. On the other hand, it has always
RKB has set the goal of making great contributions not only to Fukuoka, Kyushu and Japan, but also to Asia.

Fukuoka Prefecture, one of the seven prefectures in KYUSHU. First off, where is KYUSHU? What are the features of KYUSHU?

KYUSHU is the most southwestern area of Japan.
KYUSHU is mountainous, and Japan’s most active volcano, Mt. Aso at 1, 591 meters (5,220 ft.) is in KYUSHU.There are many other signs of tectonic activity, including numerous areas of hot springs. The most famous of these are in Beppu, on the east shore, and around Mt. Aso, in central KYUSHU.

KYUSHU is noted for various types of porcelain, including Arita, Imari, Satsuma, and Karatsu.

There are many beautiful historical places in KYUSHU. Kumamoto Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Japan. Dazaifu was established in the late 7th century and served as the administrative center of the entire island of Kyushu for over 500 years.

In the second place, what is the charm of FUKUOKA?

Fukuoka has a largest population in KYUSHU. Fukuoka has been an important harbor city for many centuries.
Today's Fukuoka is the product of the fusion of two cities in the year 1889, when the port city of Hakata and the former castle town of Fukuoka were united into one city called Fukuoka. Hakata remains the name of one of Fukuoka's central districts and of the main railway station.

FUKUOKA has two of most interesting festivals in Japan.

The Hakata Gion Yamakasa is held every year during the first half of July and climaxes with a spectacular time trial race in the early morning of July 15 . In the race, seven neighborhoods of Fukuoka's Hakata district compete in pushing beautifully decorated festival floats along a five kilometer long course through the city.
Hakata Dontaku Festival is Japan’ s largest citizens' festival, with a history of 800 years. Of all the Japanese festivals, it is held during the so- called Golden Week when there is a series of national holidays from the end of April to early May. The Hakata Dontaku boasts the greatest number of spectators, with some two million people turning out every year. Visitors are also welcome, so don't hesitate to join in!


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