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Important notice in English

Please be sure to read and follow the rules and regulations to enjoy the show safely. The host, the production and the venue assume no responsibilities for any injuries or accidents due to acts against the rules and regulations. Those who ignore the instructions by the host will be ejected from the venue, and will cause the host to call off the show from a safety point of view, so please be sure to check our official website before your visit. We appreciate your cooperation.

■ Influences of the Weather Condition on the Event

・In case of inclement weather, the event will be put off until the next day. If the following day is surrounded by such type of the condition again, the ticket refund will be made.

・For the latest information about the event, please visit us on the Web at http://rkb.jp/hanabi_fantasia_fukuoka/

■ Tickets / Wristbands

・Lost or broken wristbands and tickets will not be re-issued, therefore no entry. Be careful not to lose or break them.

・The current tickets will cost you plus 500 yen from each ticket price.

・There are no sheets for preschoolers, so please have them enjoy the show on the guardian’s knees. In case you wish seats for the preschoolers, please purchase reserved-seat tickets.

・All area in the venue is subject to fees. Tickets are required to enter the venue. For more information on the ticket fees, please visit the Web.

■ Rules in the Event Environment

・Wristbands and tickets given upon entrance should be put to your wrist and must be shown when you enter and re-enter the venue. Lost or broken wristbands will not be re-issued, therefore no entry. Be careful not to lose or break them.

・Bringing personal leisure sheets into the site is not allowed. Free sheets for your use will be given at the entrance.

・Be careful with the wind direction during the show. The wind may lift burning residues from fireworks to the venue. If burning residues should enter your eyes, do not rub your eyes with your hands but just find a way to get your eyes under any source of running water to wash residues out immediately, or ask staff near you for cure in the first-aid tent.

・Smoking in the venue is only allowed in the designated areas.

・Please be sure to sort all trash into the appropriate bins at eco-stations placed in the venue.

■ Photos and Movies

・You may take photos or movies of fireworks with cameras and/or video cameras during the show, but please be careful not to disturb the sight of others.

・Please refrain from using tripods or monopods for taking photos, which might bother others.

・Please refrain from using selfie sticks after the show begins. Please make sure not to disturb the viewing quality of others.

・Bringing in and maneuvering of small unmanned aerial vehicles like drones without permission of the host in and around the venue is strictly prohibited as they may cause any danger to firework’s launches and other visitors.

■ Others

・Pets, with the exception of service dogs, are not allowed within the venue.

・No bicycle riding in the venue is permitted.

・Carrying any flammables (e.g. handheld fireworks), articles or items that are considered dangerous and/or illegal into the venue is strictly forbidden.

・The use of tents, tables, chairs, BBQ stoves, cooling boxes, sunshades, tarps, parasols, bench chairs, personal leisure sheets (except free sheets distributed at the entrance) or any items that are considered as disturbances for the view of other visitors and occupy large area is prohibited in the venue.

・The use of devices that emit light such as penlights, laser pointers or chemical lights products (e.g. Cyalume®) is prohibited; they may disturb firework effects during the show. You may use a flashlight while moving in a low light condition.

・Baby strollers can be brought inside the venue, however please fold them in the viewing area in order not to disturb other visitors from viewing the show.

・Swimming in the venue is strictly prohibited.

・Please note that the host and/or event organizers have the authority to publish movies or pictures taken on the day on broadcasts, coverages, magazines or websites (including sponsorship’s websites).

・The event host will under no circumstances be held responsible for accidents, troubles or injuries occurring outside the venue.

・The event host will not be held responsible for thefts occurring inside and around of the venue.

・Safety regulations are in effect when leaving the venue, so move forward slowly according to the instruction from staff. Please leave the venue by 10 p.m.